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Stefan Mens Jazz Chord Base - Accompaniment fo Jazz Guitar

Stefan Mens was born in Zurich, Switzerland, in 1966 into a classical oriented family of musicians.

Since many years Stefan works as a guitarist, teacher, composer/orchestrator and conductor. After finishing his studies at the Jazz-school St. Gallen, Switzerland, he played in many bands and shows and was a tutor for many students.

Stefan also holds a diploma as Multimedia Producer (SAE) and is specialized in the area of eLearning. He created eLearning projects for Nestlé, Zürcher Kantonalbank and many other companies and schools.

Next to his engagements as a musicians in shows such as «Hair», «Cats», «Les Misérables», «Evita», „West Side Story“ or «Jesus Christ Superstar» he studied composing and orchestration. His works include a few musicals, such as: «The Voice» (produced and toured in Switzerland), «Basileia» (with a production in Basel, Switzerland), „Romy – die Welt aus Gold“ (Production at the Stadttheater Heilbronn, Germany), „Amazing Grace“ (a musical about Grace Kelly) and he orchestrated „Tell“, a show about the famous swiss national hero, which was produced in  2012 in Walenstadt, Switzerland.

Stefan Mens designed the concept, was orchestrator and conductor for the musical «Heidi», which was produced in Walenstadt, Zürich (both Switzerland) and in Dessau (Germany). He was also involved in the successful show „Alperose“ (with songs of the famous swiss rocker Polo Hofer). For this one he played guitar, arranged the songs and was musical director. He continues to work as composer/arranger for shows and bands in Switzerland and Germany.

Stefan is tutor for music theory and eartraining at the Stage Art Musical School Zurich and teaches electric guitar at the conservatory in Winterthur. He lives in Zurich.

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The Jazz Chord Base
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