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Do you like jazz? But playing and understanding all these fancy chords seemed hard for you?

The Jazz Chord Base is a system to accompany jazz tunes in a way that will let you understand the chords quick and easy. The course is filled with explanations of the chords, many exercises and every once the author tells funny stories of his life as a musician.

Learn the structure of chords, understand how they are developed and then practise them with the many exercises. In the Online Course they are demonstrated on video and include lead sheets and playalong audio tracks for download. The Book Version includes access to the dowload area with many audio files which demonstrate how the exercises are played and then you can play along.


Learn to find your way on the fretboard with a logical system and start playing these cool jazz chords from scratch.

Completing the course will make you a great accompanist either as a single player with a singer/soloist or in a band. Also included is: Playing Chord solos and playing with a conductor.

This course is also available in German.


  • Basic knowledge of playing guitar.

  • Some interest in jazz harmony teaching.

  • Reading music is not necessary, but you must know how to read chord symbols.

  • You can play open chords on the guitar.

Who should work with the Jazz Chord Base?

  • ​Upcoming professionals

  • Advanced amateurs

  • Classical guitarists who like to learn jazz guitar accompanying.

  • In general: Guitarists who like to accompany jazz.

Order the Book now or enroll for the Online Course!

The Jazz Chord Base
Paperback or PDF, 112 pages with access to the download area for the audio files.

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The Jazz Chord Base
Online Course with many videos and download of the leadsheets for the exercises.

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