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Jazz Chord Base - Accompaniment fo Jazz Guitar
Jazz Chord Base - Accompaniment fo Jazz Guitar

The Jazz Chord Base Video-Course (published on is best for students who like to see how the exercises are played. It contains 119 Video-Lessons. Some show explanations of the chords, others demonstrate the exercises and in a few videos the auther tells funny stories from his life as a musician.

The video course features:

  • 119 Lessons with explanations and exercises

  • All music sheets and tables are available as pdf for download

  • 2 points of view in the exercises screens: frontal view of the left hand and view from the players perspective

  • Download of the exercises in iRealPro-format for importing into the App iRealPro. Like this you can play the exercises in your own tempo

  • additional Audiofiles with playalongs

  • funny Anecdotes presented by the author himself

click here to see a few videos of the course

Order the Book now or enroll for the Online Course!

The Jazz Chord Base
Paperback or PDF, 112 pages with access to the download area for the audio files.

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The Jazz Chord Base
Online Course with many videos and download of the leadsheets for the exercises.

 click here to go to the online course on 


 click here to go to the online course on 

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